Breathing energy since 2018

With the strength of our team and support from our trading partners, our company trades in the global commodities market.

We are MarTankShip

Over the past three years, working alongside leading world players in the sector, such as VITOL, GUNVOR, ENNINCO TRADING, and ELEMENT ALPHA, has ensured that MarTankShip increased exponentially its growth in its product acquiring target.

In the same period, MarTankShip has intensified its own import and distribution activities in the mediterranean basin – mainly in Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece – where, thanks to adequate storage capacity, we were able to grow our commercial operations.

Lastly, MarTankShip has been able to achieve this by revamping both its business, and company structure. Furthermore, these changes have provided for the opening of a business unit totally dedicated to renewable energy, with investments in biofuels and photovoltaic technology.

Our mission

The MarTankShip group intends to become the focal point in the Mediterranean basin for the energy market.

Starting from the import and distribution of petroleum products to the support of initiatives aimed at decarbonization and the production of energy from renewable sources.

MarTankShip is guided by a passion for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. That is why the business is committed to providing high quality products and services, and why are fundamental values are professionality, quality, passion, and respect.

Our vision

Since energy production from renewable sources, currently does not satisfy even a third of the global energy demand, we firmly believe that it is necessary to intensify in investments in the sector. This will accelerate the energy transition as the central pillar of de-carbonisation. Resulting in a the creation of a greener and more sustainable future for our planet.

This is the reason why MarTankShip puts all its effort into providing communities with access to energy resources in the broadest way possible, paying particular attention to sustainable development and in the intelligent use of energy.

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